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About us

VITESSE s.r.l. is operative in the sphere of services connected to the execution of Exceptional Transports. With specialized staff and its own escort vehicles, VITESSE concerned with the execution of each fase of the organisation and execution of a Exceptional Transport.With qualified personel, in possession of the required certificate (according to D.M. 18/7/1997 and success. Modif.), VITESSE s.r.l.carries out transport escorts on Italian and French territory.


Our staff is concerned with the obtaining of permits in order to circulate on national highways and motorways in Italy and the rest of Europe.


Situated at the Autoporto area of Aosta, VITESSE s.r.l. offers assistance, with the help of specialized forwarders, with the clearance of goods coming from countries outside the European Community.


Our office is situated at the Autoporto area of Aosta, on the most convenient route for forwardings coming from the North of Europe.


The Autoporto area offers a modern infrastructure dedicated to logistics and commerce.


Our staff communicates in the following languages: Dutch, English, German, French and Italian.

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